My friend Jon and I are comic nerds. A couple months ago we thought it would be funny to see an infographic of what Wolverine would look like if he couldn't heal. We're both busy dads with demanding day jobs, for a while it just seemed like a fun idea that we could maybe do in the future. Once we started making it though, our nerdery took over. I had way more fun making this than I probably should have. My wife caught me chuckling to myself multiple times while I was bent over my graphic tablet.

Here's the finished product. I'm quite proud of it. I did the illustrations, supercuts and words. Jon did the mega-fantastic design. If you'd like to see the version with the videos in it, head on over to Thanks for checking it out, and feel free to share it our embed it in your site too.

Illustration for article titled What if Wolverine couldnt heal?

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