Like anyone who finished Bioshock Infinite this past week, I can't get the experience out of my head. That story's gonna be knocking around in there for weeks. To help me cope with this new brain worm, I thought I'd make some posters. Check em out! You can pick up super large prints from my Society6 page if you wanna buy em. Or you can just stare at them here, make them your phone background, whatevs. I went with the paper texture and torn edges because Elizabeth opens up tears...get it? Tears...torn got it.

Illustration for article titled Theres always a...Bioshock Infinite poster set!

Sidenote: I am well aware that my design on these is influenced by Saul Bass and Olly Moss. I did not reference either of them when designing these, which I suppose is a testament to their influence in the design world. These just popped into my head during my morning run the day after finishing the game. I am a writer, illustrator and designer (in that order). Poster design is different than illustration composition. When it comes to design, the fewer elements to mess up, the better (for me anyway). Hence, minimalism. So, you know, let's avoid the whole "Olly Moss knock-off" comment thread and talk about how awesome the game was instead. It was pretty awesome right?

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